DESIGN NOTES - The Power of Sleep

With a spot light now on the quality and quantity of sleep,  the health benefits and how the quality of our sleep can dramatically improve your day.  I wanted to give an insight into how we start designing a bedroom.

The first thing I concider is the light and orientation of the room and then move on to the furniture and decoration.  Controlling the light levels at night and how to control the morning light to the clients particular preference are key to a successful design.  These two aspects will filter into the lighting and curtain designs and the decoration scheme to an extent.  Moving onto the most important piece of furniture, the bed.  Your bed is the piece of furiture you will use the most, so I would suggest it should be the best quality you can afford.  Personally I have found that a sprung base makes all the difference and I think it is esential that you lie before you buy.

Picture by Tim Walker

Princess and the pea.jpg