DESIGN NOTES - November - Hygge

Hygge (pronounced Heu-gah)  is the Danish concept of cosiness created when enjoying good food, drinks and fireside times with dear friends and family.  Hygge life is slowing down to engage with the present where time is taken to enjoy the simple comforts of each day.

Whilst sourcing for my latest project I have found the ultimate cosy chair upholstered in white sheepskin. Designed by Flemming Lassen in 1936 called "The Tired Man".  As every cosy chair needs a cosy throw this super soft hand woven merino wool throw would be my choice and is available in 42 different colours.  As food is part of the Hygge equation what could be better than some delicious food on these hand made ceramics,  from a Danish father & son team.  Each piece is hand made by Mr Wurtz (snr) and then they are glazed by Mr Wurtz (jnr).